• President Saito
  • Message from the delegate

    What kind of image do you wonder if you ask "sushi"?

    "Delicious!" "Fresh" "There are various stories" "Price is expensive" "Can not eat casually ,,,"

    That's all right answers (lol)

    So how about changing the image a bit like "sushi shop"?

    "Susceptibility looks good" "Luxury so" "Slightly scary" "Order is difficult ,,," "Train is hard"

    This is often said (laugh)

    I am planning to gradually change "Bad place, not meeting the current era", including the tradition of the sushi shop and leaving "good places" carefully.

    Sushi is "Halle's meal" and "national food".

    When celebration seats and relatives got together from time to time, sushi was behaving and going to eat sushi was still an event of Yoso Yuki.

    It is sushi every year that shines in the No. 1 position of foreigners' "Japanese food you want to eat".

    It is a familiar existence sushi that can no longer be seen by the Japanese, but when I look to the store that is the creator, I notice that there is not much change with that old history.

    There is a severely long accumulation period (there is not much work done yet), or how to teach rough work of so-called "see and learn" still remains.

    Also for customers, I feel that there is a part that gives a high impression on the threshold that prices are unclear, there are rules unique to shops.

    With as it is, I have fewer people entering this industry, and I feel a sense of crisis that the disappearance of sushi culture and the taper of the industry are awaiting the high popularity of sushi.

    In Fukushi sushi first you will be trained to learn basic etiquette etc for society people. This is based on our belief that "Before being a craftsman, you are a social worker".

    And we will teach you the essential work on the solid curriculum including cooking, customer service and so on. We deal not only with sushi but also Japanese food in general, as represented by kaiseki cuisine. You will learn the exquisite Japanese know-how in three years and grow as a chef for one servant and a first-class serviceman.

    At our company, we are currently planning to open new shops with only young employees.

    "Real taste" is provided by "real person".

    Why not make such a shop together? We are waiting for you!

Application Requirements

  • Employee group photo
  • 【Recruitment occupation / field】

    ■ Sushi craftsman

    ■ Store manager / executive candidate

    【Job Description】

    First of all, while engaging in basic cooking and customer service, we will grow by education and training based on our own "3 year career plan".

    In the first year, from the way to lay down fish, build,
    In the second year, you can cut scallops such as sushi stuffing and siphoning, thin winding and thick winding,
    In the third year, we finally learned handfuls and kaiseki cuisine, further learned knowledge related to store management such as menu creation and cost accounting, and also promoted from the chief to the deputy manager, store manager while practicing various experiences .

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

    【Flow of recruitment】

    Entry ▼
    Participate in company briefing / store visit

    Face contact ▼
    Experience entry (as a part time job, one day experience entry)
    ※ Payment will be of course paid ▼
    Inside determination!

    ☆ Regarding employment, we value people.
    Please hit our company by all means as you are.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

    【 Starting salary 】

    Monthly salary 200,000 yen (April 2017 results)


    ◆ Commuting allowance ◆ Housing allowance (25,000 yen / company non-users only)


    Twice a year (April, October)


    Twice a year (July, December)

    【Holiday and vacation】

    ◆ Social Insurance Full (Health · Employees 'Pension · Employment · Workers' Injury)
    ◆ Company house ◆ Property savings ◆ Acquisition of various qualifications

    ◆ Recreation, social gathering, study group

    ◆ Various training systems including manners training

    【 Work location 】

    Omiya general head office (headquarters) / Osaka prefecture Osaka-shi Asahi-ku Omiya Whytei Umeda store / Osaka prefecture Osaka city Osaka-shi Kita Ward Tsunoda cho

    【 Working hours 】

    10: 00 ~ 20: 00 (shift-based production 8 hours)

    【Number of people wanted】

    Some people


    All undergraduate departments


    Hiring office Human Resources Division General Affairs Department Human Resources Section 1-8-13 Omiya Asahi ku Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture 535-0002 TEL: 06-6952-0961